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To help in streamlining the labeling process, Trek Associates is pleased to announce their new Print & Apply labeling systems. Whether you need a basic, economical labeling system or a more advanced labeling system, Trek Associates has a system that will best suit your businesses needs. With prices starting at $8995.00 there is one to fit everyone’s budget.



Trek Associates Print & Apply labeling systems are custom configured to work in conjunction with IQMS software out of the box. The below packages all include the following items:  

Ø                   Printer/Applicator

Ø                   Floor Stand, Pad, & Mounting base

Ø                   Printer (specific to package chosen)

Ø                   Windows Drivers

Ø                   Internal Rewinder


P/N: TRK-PA4-H2  -   $8995.00    - 4” print width, 203dpi*

P/N: TRK-PA6-H2  -   $11295.00  - 6” print width, 203dpi*

P/N: TRK-PA8-D3  -   $14995.00  - 8” print width, 300dpi*

Additional Options:

TRK-PA-ACCTB     - $500.00*     Tamp & Blow Pad

TRK-PA-ACCRS     - $300.00*     Reflective Sensor

TRR-PA-ACC300** - $200.00*     300dpi upgrade

**300dpi upgrade only available on 4” & 6” print width systems.

300dpi is standard on 8” print width systems.


Manufacturers warranty is 12 months or 1MM strokes. Extended service contracts are available. Please contact Trek Associates for more information on extended service contracts. 

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