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In this age of rapidly evolving information technology, a solid, up-to-date IT infrastructure becomes one more challenge your business must face. Let’s face it, we all want to achieve more productivity in less time but with the demands your business currently meets, how will you keep up?

Trek Associates can help by keeping your business a step ahead. From planning and implementing technology rollouts to equipment service and repair, we can manage it all. Our comprehensive portfolio of equipment lifecycle management capabilities will keep your business a step ahead of this ever-changing technology.


Wireless Portables

  Below you will find the most popular portables deployed by IQMS users.  Trek Associates offers the full line of these manufacturers products.

AML - wireless scannersAML has established an outstanding reputation for superior product performance. We use only high-grade materials and precise production procedures in our manufacturing processes. Our thorough quality control procedures and rigid control standards assure consistent, high quality products that provide years of reliable service.  AML products are manufactured in the United States and include wireless data collection terminals, vehicle mount terminals.


AML - M7220/7221AML M7220/7221 

Reliable, productive and secure mobile performance - Combining the reliable computing performance of the successful M7100 family with the latest advances in wireless technology, the AML M7220 wireless hand-held terminal delivers powerful functionality, security and performance for mobile data capture applications. Built tough yet optimized for cost-effectiveness, the M7220 is a productive, real-time solution for use in retail, manufacturing and warehouse data capture applications. The AML M7220 wireless hand-held terminal is richly configured with features and performance capabilities that help optimize business efficiencies and enhance  worker productivity. Powered by the fast Samsung® S3C2410 ARM9 processor, the M7220 is equipped with 32MB of built-in RAM and 16MB of Flash ROM for ample storage capacity. Its internal 802.11b/g radio integrates into most wireless local area networks (WLAN) and supports real-time, high-rate data transfer between mobile operators and host applications. Full-shift productivity is ensured by the M7220’s enhanced power management, which easily supports eight-hour work shifts without recharging. The M7220 wireless hand-held terminal features an open source, embedded Linux®  operating system that gives the terminal its speed, conservative memory usage and stable performance with no “lock-ups”. The M7220 ships fully loaded with  VT100/VT220 terminal emulation, TN5250 client, FTP server, SSH client, HTTP server,  TELNET server, SSH/SFTP server, Web Browser, WEP and WPA/WPA2 advanced encryption and authentication capabilities. The M7220 connects to any Windows®, Unix®, i5/OS or Linux® host and is easily deployed across a wide range of applications. Administrators can easily configure and replicate settings on multiple terminals from their PC utilizing the M7220 PC-based Configuration Utility.

Ergonomic and flexible functionality - Rugged yet ergonomic, the M7220 sports a lightweight, contoured design for comfortable, one-handed operation over extended periods of use in highly repetitive scanning applications. The graphical 160 x 160 backlit LCD with multi-font capability is easy to read, even in dimly lit environments. Multiple M7220 product configurations ensure operational flexibility across a wide range of data capture applications. Choose the 55-key alphanumeric keypad or the lockable 35-key numeric keypad for applications requiring fast numeric data entry. Fully integrated scan engine options include the standard laser, a long range laser, an advanced long range laser or a 2-Dimensional imager for picture and signature capture. Accessories include a single slot communications and charging cradle, a four position terminal charger, a four position battery charger, an optional pistol grip with trigger (standard on the Model M7221) and multiple holsters.


Datalogic Mobile, part of the Datalogic Group, is a global player in the Rugged Mobile Computers market, offering a full range of products, dedicated to the main target application fields: warehousing solutions, field-force automation and retail in-store.

Our offer includes pocket-sized to full-alpha-keyboard hand-held devices, industrial PDAs, pistol-grip terminals, Vehicle Mounted computers and a very complete choice of middleware SW solutions, which guarantee our partners and end-users the highest level of compatibility and openness to industry standards.

With our strong presence in EMEA, Americas and Asia/Pacific and the powerful network of partners all-over-the world, we have been able to show an impressive track record of growth, permitting us to reach the 4th position in EMEA market shares and the 5th worldwide.


Datalogic - Kyman, Pegaso, Skorpio, MemorThe Pegaso™ combines wireless connectivity, ruggedness and ergonomic design in a compact PDA that is the perfect solution for retail, logistics, field force automation and other inventory management applications. Its Intel processor also provides computing power for applications requiring graphics or video.  The unit is IP64 rated.


The Pegaso™ features an Intel Xscale® 520 MHz processor and Windows CE® 5.0 operating system. The 802.11b/g wireless LAN is Cisco CCX v3 certified with a Bluetooth PAN radio soon to be released.  A 480x640 TFT touch screen LCD display is maximized for easy of use along with the standard integrated barcode scanner.  An optional scan handle is available for scan intensive environments.


A full suite of accessories is available for docking, charging, user convenience and enhanced device protection.  Multi year comprehensive service agreements are also available.

Datalogic - Kyman Datalogic Kyman


The Kyman™ rugged mobile computer is designed to survive demanding environments and provide ergonomics that reduce operator fatigue. A sturdy outer case with overmold protection ensures reliability and robustness.
Kyman™ resists harsh environments, multiple drops, strong shocks, repetitive tumbles and freezing temperatures.

Kyman™ is available in hand-held and pistol grip models. Its detachable handle provides maximum fl exibility switch between hand-held and pistol grip operations, without affecting Kyman's™ intrinsic robustness.

Kyman™ offers a full range of Data Capture options including RFID HF-ISO, Voice Recognition and bar code. 2D Imager, standard laser and extra long range laser options provide data capture from near contact to several meters away. A vast variety of symbologies enable Kyman™ to meet every market and application objective.
Kyman™ simultaneously supports any network option - LAN, WAN and Personal Area Networks. GSM/GPRS/EDGE takes Kyman™ on the road making real-time transactions and enterprise resource access possible. WiFi 802.11 b/g with Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX V4) offers all the advantages of the Cisco WLAN infrastructure and the latest in security protocols, WPA™ and WPA2™.

Kyman™ maximizes operations for the enterprise using the fastest Intel X Scale processor available. The latest Windows CE operating system increases the return on investment through seamless integration and ease of deployment.


Dtalogic Skorpio - Gun or BrickDatalogic Skorpio-GUN™ is a compact, lightweight and robust pistol grip mobile computer, particularly suitable for warehousing solutions and bar code scanning intensive applications, especially in the retail environment. Datalogic Skorpio-GUN™ does not compromise in reliability and ruggedness. It is designed for use in hostile environments and can resist multiple drops, repeated knocks and accidental bumps.

The Datalogic Skorpio Gun™ takes advantage of the best handle and trigger in the warehouse industry. Compact size and light weight combine to offer excellent balance, and superior handling.   The Datalogic Skorpio Gun™ is designed to offer high performance in demanding conditions. The robust  case with front and back rubber bumpers survives multiple drops, strong shocks and repetitive tumbles.  The Datalogic Skorpio Gun™ provides all the features needed to make the operator's task easier. The bright, high resolution display with anti-scratch protection guarantees excellent readability while a practical ambidextrous keyboard speeds up data input. It offers a choice between 2 different bar code scanners: a powerful laser reader with "green spot" (Datalogic patent) to provide visible good read feedback, and a long range reading option.  The system architecture is based on the fastest Intel X Scale series processors with the latest release of the Windows CE operating system. Its wireless communication capabilities (Bluetooth® and WiFi 802.11 b/g) enable fast transactions and seamless interaction with information systems. Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) compliance V3 permits all the advantages offered by a Cisco WLAN infrastructure.


A full suite of accessories is available for docking, charging, user convenience and enhanced device protection.  Multi year comprehensive service agreements are also available.


Honeywell   Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of data collection and communication solutions designed specifically for mobile, in-premise, and transaction processing applications. Hand Held Products' mobile data collection devices are renowned for their superior performance, durability, and the data collection industry' s best return on investment. Hand Held Products is also the world's leading provider of image-based data collection products - lead by its exclusive Adaptus™ Imaging Technology. Product solutions powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology offer far more than basic bar code reading. With Adaptus Imaging Technology, customers can read virtually any type of bar code label or tag, capture digital images and signatures, read damaged codes, and so much more - it's a whole new level of performance to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.


Honeywell - Dolphin 9500Dolphin 9500 Series mobile computers deliver unparalleled performance and value for all mobile data collection applications. Their lightweight, ergonomic, and rugged designs provide the ease of use and operational reliability needed to excel in robust mobile applications such as package delivery, field service, route accounting, transportation, warehousing, retail, and industrial/manufacturing.  Designed to provide seamless data and voice connectivity for you and your mobile workers, the Dolphin 9500 terminal features an integrated triple radio design for wireless WAN, LAN, and PAN communications. This state-of-the-art feature provides real-time information access anytime, anywhere, while communicating to any compatible wireless device, improving operational efficiency while ensuring data accuracy and security.  The 1/4 VGA Color Display With Industrial Touch Screen offers enhanced data viewing and application interface.  While Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0 provides instant point and-shoot bar code scanning (1D and 2D), signature and digital image capture.  Wireless Radio Options include WLAN: IEEE 802.11b DSSS Authentication Methodologies: LEAP, MD5, TLS, TTLS, PEAP, and WEP WWAN (9500 only): GSM/GPRS Tri-band (900, 1800, 1900 MHz) radio with accessible SIM card interface WPAN: Bluetooth (Class 2).



The HHP 9500 series is available as a “brick” (9500) or in a pistol grip version (9550).  Scan engine options are standard range, hi visibility and smart focus linear imagers, standard range laser scanner and 2D imagers.  A full line of accessories is also available and include: spare batteries, communication docks, charging cradles, pistol grip, holsters, vehicle mount cradles and extended service plans.


Honeywell - Dolphin 95X1 Dolphin 95x1 Series harnesses the features of the 9500/9550 series of portables and offers a long range laser scanner for applications that require a longer read range such as warehouse pick and put away.  This series is available either as a “brick” (9501) or in a pistol grip version (9551) and utilizes the same accessories as the 9500/9550.


A full suite of accessories is available for docking, charging, user convenience and enhanced device protection.  Multi year comprehensive service agreements are also available.


Honeywell 7900The Dolphin 7900 is our premier industrial PDA. Feature-rich and extremely rugged, the 7900 is optimized for robust mobile applications requiring real-time voice and data communications. Featuring flexible data capture capabilities and device reliability, the 7900 is ideal for applications in transportation and logistics, parcel delivery and field service.

Designed for the Mobile User - Compact size and intuitive ergonomics combine to make scanning, stylus and keyboard data input and voice communication easy.

Industrial Grade - constructed to withstand real-world use in harsh environments, indoors or out.

Wireless Full Area Networking (WFAN™) - Integrated Wireless PAN, LAN and WAN communications provide real-time data exchange and multi-voice communication - any time, anywhere.

Adaptus® Imaging Technology 5.0 - Multifunctional data capture enables linear and 2D bar code reading, scanning of specialty and damaged codes, plus digital image capture.

Shift-PLUS™ Power Management - Powers bar code reading and RF-Intensive applications beyond an entire work shift, allowing uninterrupted data processing and enhanced worker productivity - all while greatly reducing battery replacement costs.



Intermec - CK31, CN3  Intermec develops, manufactures and integrates wired and wireless automated data collection, Intellitag® RFID (radio frequency identification) and mobile computing systems for companies worldwide. Its total solution approach offers companies assurance that, with Intermec’s network of leading technology partners, Intermec and its team can provide complete answers to companies’ supply chain information requirements, from concept to completion.  Intermec's mobile computing products combine state-of-the-art PC power with application software to reduce labor costs and to increase front-line workers' efficiency, productivity and profitability.  Intermec's wireless data systems allow customers to identify, track and monitor almost anything that moves. The systems include wireless LANs that support a complete range of current and anticipated wireless technologies and are easily integrated into fixed high-speed LAN-based solutions.  All Intermec portable computers use a Cisco certified (CCX) radio. 

Intermec - CK31, CK31ex    The RoHS compliant Intermec® CK31 mobile data collection terminal continues the tradition of delivering on Intermec’s promise of rugged, reliable computing, thoughtful ergonomic design and high throughput.


• Brilliant backlit quarter VGA display with touch screen
• Based on industry standard platform Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET
• Integrated 1D (standard, long range) / 2D Intermec scanning technology
• Cisco compatible 802.11b/g radio with industry standard wireless security protocols - support for traditional WEP and the new Wi-Fi WPA2 standard, as well as full 802.1x compliance including the Windows standard EAP-TLS and PEAP, EAP-TTLS and the compatibility with many existing networks with LEAP support.  Government users can select the FIPS security standard, also available to commercial users for increased security
• Non-Incendive option for hazardous locations
• Advanced ergonomic design for comfort in scan intensive application

• Bluetooth Radio (PAN)

• Multiple keyboard layouts for support of various terminal emulation such as VT100/220, TN5250

• TE2000 support available preloaded for industry standard emulators

• Scan engine options: 1D linear imager, 2D area imager, standard and long range laser scanners


A full suite of accessories is available for docking, charging, user convenience and enhanced device protection.  Multi year comprehensive service agreements are also available.


Intermec - CK31exThe rugged CK31ex mobile computer delivers the ultimate in warehouse productivity. By integrating breakthrough auto-focus area imaging technology, the CK31ex enables users to quickly scan any type of bar code, in any orientation, from six inches to 50 feet away, opening up new efficiencies and application opportunities across the warehouse.

The CK31ex eliminates the need for multiple devices and substantially reduces total cost of ownership. With the CK31ex, users can scan 1D, 2D, composite and postal codes; capture images, signatures and documents; read at near and far distances; and successfully cope with damaged, poorly printed or partially obscured codes in variable lighting conditions.

This combination of features and capabilities cannot be matched by any long range product on the market.

Available with factory-loaded Terminal Emulation support, the feature-rich CK31ex meets a variety of needs, from users on the manufacturing line who scan small 2D bar codes, all the way to those in the warehouse that need to scan large, linear bar codes on the fourth tier of the pallet racking. Multiple keyboard options and a user-installable pistol grip handle also provide application flexibility. With the CK31ex, companies can standardize their training, support and maintenance, substantially reducing total cost of ownership.

With omni-directional scanning, laser pointer auto-determining illumination and centered decoding, the CK31ex makes it easy to scan at variable distances, lighting conditions and angles, improving worker productivity and accuracy. In addition, the CK31ex touch screen, with full quarter VGA resolution, can be read in a variety of indoor and outdoor conditions.

The CK31ex positions your enterprise for the future with a combination of best-in-class features and functionality that enhance mobile data collection such as simplified setup menus and display icons to provide intuitive, graphic-based status information. Web-based applications can easily be implemented with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Intermec’s browsers.

The CK31ex incorporates all the leading industrial mobile computing technologies – Microsoft® Windows CE.NET operating system, 802.11 b/g, Intel XScale™ processor,integrated scanning, and USB –to deliver the optimum combination of real time operation and throughput required for real time, mission-critical applications in warehousing and distribution or store operations.


Intermec - CN3Designed to meet the needs of workers performing mission-critical tasks in transportation, logistics and field service, the CN3 mobile computer delivers a powerful combination of communications technologies in a compact, rugged package.

Built to survive the rigors of the road, the CN3 meets rugged, standards-based environmental specifications and provides features that meet the needs of mobile workers. The CN3’s 1.3 megapixel color camera provides a vital data validation tool, enabling workers to document proof-of-service or vehicle inspection. The CN3 has 128 MB RAM and is available with an ultra-slim extended battery that delivers easy-to-carry, all-day power.

Wireless Technologies

With standard WiFi, Bluetooth and choice of integrated, network independent GPS receiver and WAN voice and data services (including 3G EV-DO or EDGE), the CN3 enables companies to stay connected with their mobile workforce in real time, driving improved efficiencies and increased asset visibility across their operations. The CN3 provides access to information at the point of work, allowing companies to dynamically deploy the right resources to the right location, and enabling their mobile workers to tap into the information they need to work most effectively. With mobile intelligence at their fingertips, companies can increase customer responsiveness while also reducing inventory and transportation costs.



LXE - MX7, MX8, Cold Storage LXE Inc. designs rugged wireless computers and data collection solutions that improve supply chain performance. Founded in 1970, LXE began as the Digital Products Group of EMS Technologies (NASDAQ: ELMG). EMS made its name by developing wireless communications systems for the US space program. EMS was quick to see the potential for the wider business community of the ultra-rugged and reliable mobile computing technology it had developed, so LXE was born as the first company to offer wireless computing products for use in supporting logistics and material handling applications. LXE today is a wholly owned subsidiary of EMS Technologies, Inc.

From rugged handheld and vehicle mounted wireless computers and data collection terminals, to wireless network infrastructure, to our award-winning customer support – LXE's easy-to-use wireless computing products are as reliable as the people who install and support them.

An LXE wireless computer is rugged and reliable. And a LXE rugged mobile computer is built to withstand the harshest physical and climatic industrial conditions. You'll find our data collection terminals thriving in ports, paper mills, refrigerated warehouses, and on the factory floor – both indoors and outdoors.  In addition to being rugged, a LXE wireless computer is simple to operate. Higher visibility screens, bigger keys, and no unnecessary features – because a mobile computer that is “simple to operate” means a more productive worker.

LXE delivers industry standard solutions, not proprietary solutions. This affords you the opportunity to connect our data collection terminals to existing wireless network infrastructure, which saves you money and increases system flexibility.

LXE's mobile computing technologies are scalable – providing a migration path from legacy systems to the latest in client server solutions. By incorporating the existing wireless infrastructure, instead of replacing with an entire new installation, you'll see a better ROI from your wireless investment.

And finally, LXE is nimble enough, and has been around long enough to be able tailor our wireless computing technologies to your specific needs. If you have unique requirements for your applications, LXE has your solution.  In addition all LXE devices are Cisco CCX certified.



LXE - MX7, cold storage 

Optimized for your distribution center

 The MX7 is ideal for a variety of data collection applications in warehouses and DCs. Designed for comfort, the MX7 is light enough for scan intensive picking yet tough enough to take a beating.With all-range scanning capabilities, efficiency rises as the MX7 collects bar code data from 4 in. to 40 ft. away. The MX7 ships voice ready with ToughTalk technology, a specialized combination of LXE's trademark rugged system design, advanced audio circuitry and noise

canceling techniques - for industrial-grade, voice logistics applications.

More than muscle, it’s smart too

Don’t let its rugged exterior fool you, the MX7 is engineered with intelligence, speed, and flexibility. Driven by a Windows® CE operating system and an Intel® XScale® processor, the MX7 is powerful. With its 802.11b/g radio, and Bluetooth option you’re ready for the real-time business opportunities of today and tomorrow.

  LXE - MX8 

The MX8 handheld data collection computer is LXE's smallest, lightest, most economical handheld computer to date, perfect for use in a broad range of supply chain tasks. It's rugged enough for industrial assignments yet cost-effective enough for use on retail store floors.

  • New! Windows Mobile 6.1 or CE 5.0
  • Two keyboard options:
    • Alpha-mode numeric
    • Numeric triple-tap alpha
  • Compact, lightweight, ergonomic design means full-shift comfort for your operators.
  • Scanning options include standard-range laser scanner, 1D and 2D imagers.
  • Backlit keys and bright display deliver strong visibility in all lighting conditions.
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR radio.
  • Ruggedized with ToughTalk™ technology to support multiple voice logistics applications.

LXE - HX2 

Compact and comfortable

The HX2, designed to be worn on the arm or waist, frees both hands enabling more efficient warehouse inventory moves. Loaded with the latest Windows® CE 5.0 Professional OS, and an 802.11b/g radio with Bluetooth option, you’re prepared for the real-time business of today and tomorrow. An innovative arm band comfortably secures the HX2 to the operator, preventing the unit from rotating - a common frustration associated with other wearables. The unit’s large backlit variably-sized keys have been specially designed for high-speed picking, and its extraordinarily bright, sunlight-readable color display offers easy viewing in any lighting condition and from any angle.

Tough as nails

The light-weight HX2’s magnesium alloy front and impact-resistant display keep the unit in service and out of the repair shop. And the LXE ring scanners are built as tough as the main computer.


  - formerly Symbol Technologies

Easily capture real-time data and deliver on-the-go productivity with Symbol’s mobile computers.

Capture and exchange data according to your specific business demands with the versatility of Motorola’s mobile computing products. From rugged industrial-class devices able to stand up to tough conditions to enterprise digital assistants used by managers to shopping systems used by consumers, Motorola mobile computers increase individual productivity and give you ongoing, real-time insights into your operations. Motorola’s reputation for quality, reliability and choice has made Motorola mobile computers the foundation for enterprise mobility for businesses worldwide.

With Motorola mobile computers you'll track inventory more efficiently and accurately, manage assembly line production more effectively, improve shipment accuracy and speed product returns — even in harsh, dirty or extreme environments. Our mobile computers, together with our bar code scanners, radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions, wireless infrastructure, industry-leading partner applications and management software products, provide the foundation you need to become an organization on the move. Because all parts of the solution work together — and with your other networks and information systems — you are able to cost-effectively build and adapt your mobile enterprise as your business grows and changes.

Motorola MC3090, MC3090G

The MC309X mobile computers from Motorola are rugged mobile computers ideal for scan-intensive environments that require high-quality data capture throughout the enterprise. Their superior ergonomic design and balance help to facilitate faster decision making and increased workforce satisfaction inside the retail store, on the loading dock or on a delivery route.

Wireless 802.11b/g/a LAN connectivity provides real-time data exchange for connectivity maximum productivity - support for           traditional WEP and the new Wi-Fi WPA2 standard, as well as full 802.1x compliance including the Windows standard EAP-TLS    and PEAP, EAP-TTLS and the compatibility with many existing networks with LEAP support.

Bluetooth option Enables use of and wireless connection to a range of devices

Keyboard options include 28, 38 and 48 keys.  Providing multiple data entry modes for maximum efficiency

Well-balanced gun form factor option Comfortable to use in intensive scan environments for prolonged periods

Visual scanning feedback on the sides (gun only) - Provides visual in addition to audio feedback without having to reorient the device

Laser versions with adjustable rotating scan turret with left,right and front positions. User can adjust the scanning positions for maximum comfort and productivity

320 x 320 resolution color/mono display (with backlight) offers 30% higher resolution than 1/4 VGA allows easy viewing in many environments for increased accuracy

Wavelink's 4-in1 Telnet (emulation) client is pre-licensed on the MC3000-Gun form factor.  The Wavelink 4in1 terminal emulation client allows you to extend applications residing on your VT/HP/5250/3270 host systems to the MC3000-Gun Mobile Computer



A full suite of accessories is available for docking, charging, user convenience and enhanced device protection.  Multi year comprehensive service agreements are also available.


Motorola - MC9090G, MC9090K MC9090-G Series

Best selling rugged handheld mobile computer, ideal for scan-intensive environments

Designed for workers inside your four walls, the MC9090-G offers advanced data capture options and integrated wireless LAN/PAN plus a comfortable ergonomic pistol grip to enable real-time data collection in scan-intensive environments — in the warehouse, on the loading dock, out in the yard, and in the back room or out on the sales floor of a retail operation.

Building on the highly successful MC9000, the MC9090 Series Mobile Computer family offers Motorola’s signature premium rugged construction for harsh environments, the latest technology to support demanding applications, advanced data capture options and multi-mode wireless WAN/LAN/PAN for true anytime anywhere voice and data communications. Combined with support for centralized remote management, this family of mobile devices delivers the superior reliability, manageability and performance you need to put productivity-enhancing applications and outstanding voice capabilities in the hands of your mobile workers — all on a single cost-effective device. Whether your on-the-go employees are on the retail or warehouse floor, or out in the field making deliveries, repairing equipment and more, you can count on the MC9090 family of rugged handheld mobile computers for significant cost savings, outstanding investment protection — and a low total cost of ownership.

The MC9090G offers the same features as the MC9060G listed above plus the following:

Wireless 802.11a/b/g LAN connectivity provides real-time data exchange for connectivity maximum productivity - support for           traditional WEP and the new Wi-Fi WPA2 standard, as well as full 802.1x compliance including the Windows standard EAP-TLS and PEAP, EAP-TTLS and the compatibility with many existing networks with LEAP support.

WPAN: Bluetooth v1.2 radio with BT Explorer (Manager included) allows wirelessly synchronize, print, and connect to a headset

  Intel XScale PXA270 processor: 624 MHz; enhanced memory architecture for persistent storage.  Supports simple to complex multimedia applications; ensures retention of mission-critical data

Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows CE 5.0.  The most advanced mobile operating systems available; provides choice of familiar Windows environment or robust application-specific environment

1D Standard-range scan engine; 1D Long-range scan engine; omni-directional 1D and 2D imaging engine. Maximum application flexibility; Enables real-time data capture and access to business information to automate and error-proof business processes

Large 3.8” display: exceptional clarity and contrast

  Modular 28-, 43- and 53-key field-replaceable keyboard options.  Provides multiple modes of data entry for maximum efficiency

  Extremely rugged design withstands multiple 6 ft. drops (1.8 m) to concrete; 2,000 1 m tumbles (4,000 hits) to ensure less down time due to accidental drops

A full suite of accessories is available for docking, charging, user convenience and enhanced device protection.  Multi year comprehensive service agreements are also available.


Motorola - WT4000

The WT4000 Series Wearable Terminal from Motorola empowers warehouse and package handling workers to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity and accuracy by bringing the most advanced computing and scanning technology to their fingertips in an ergonomic, wearable design. The hands-free system offers maximum flexibility, with headset support for voice picking, as well as mix and match connectors on either side of the device enabling the right- or left-handed scanning. The robust system delivers the kind of dependability you need for every-day all-day operation, offering the latest in mobile operating systems and processing power in a rugged design to endure the most demanding environments — from the dusty warehouse floor to the cooler and freezer, or to a postal sorting area. Connectivity to virtually any wireless LAN provides a critical always-on connection to your business systems. Accuracy is increased in picking operations since workers can receive instant feedback if the wrong item is selected, reducing the costs associated with erroneous shipments.

A flexible computing and scanning platform for every warehouse environment

The WT4000 Series wearable system provides a single scanning platform that can support many applications. The system supports voice-only, text-only and combination voice and text, and can be worn comfortably on either the wrist or the hip. Two scanning options offer support for near and far scanning — the lightweight RS409 ring scanner, and the freezer-ready back-of-the-hand RS309. Using the same device, voice-based picking can be employed to improve picking speed, while text-based capabilities stand ready to display information and allow keyed input for more precise picking as well as error and exception handling, across the wide range of warehouse temperatures. Both scanners offer the high level of scanning performance that is synonymous with the Motorola name, including the ability to scan poorly printed or damaged bar codes. This complete hands-free system provides a common platform for warehouse operations that eliminates the need to purchase, deploy, support and manage multiple devices, effectively reducing capital as well as operational expense.


Motorola - MC75, 802.11 a/b/g and 3G 

MC75 3G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)

No matter what your workers need to get the job done, Motorola's MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant delivers by combining an unparalleled number of business capabilities into an easy-to-carry rugged device. 3.5G GSM HSDPA and 3G CDMA-EVDO Rev A support provides high performance voice and data services around the globe.

Your workers will enjoy having all the features they need right at their fingertips in one device designed to endure all day everyday use outside the enterprise -- including push-to-talk, integrated GPS with superior sensitivity and tracking capabilities, 1D and 2D bar code scanning, a high resolution 2 megapixel autofocus digital color camera, 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN (WLAN), Bluetooth and IrDA connectivity.

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