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In this age of rapidly evolving information technology, a solid, up-to-date IT infrastructure becomes one more challenge your business must face. Let’s face it, we all want to achieve more productivity in less time but with the demands your business currently meets, how will you keep up?

Trek Associates can help by keeping your business a step ahead. From planning and implementing technology rollouts to equipment service and repair, we can manage it all. Our comprehensive portfolio of equipment lifecycle management capabilities will keep your business a step ahead of this ever-changing technology.


Wireless Infrastructure

Cisco innovators have combined wireless and IP technology to creating anytime, anywhere connections to the Internet and enterprise networks. High-speed, secure wireless technology enables users to be constantly connected-even as they move between wireless cells or in and out of wired environments.

Cisco is combining wireless and IP technology to create anytime, anywhere connections to the Internet and enterprise networks. Whether in a campus environment or distant mobile location, Cisco's high-speed, secure wireless technology enables users to be constantly connected-even as they move between wireless cells or in and out of wired environments.  

Cisco Aironet 1240AG Series IEEE 802.11a/b/g access points deliver the versatility, high capacity, security, and enterprise-class features demanded by WLAN customers. It is designed specifically for challenging RF environments like factories, warehouses, and large retail establishments that require the antenna versatility associated with connectorized antennas, a rugged metal enclosure, and a broad operating temperature range. The Cisco Aironet 1240AG Series is available in either a lightweight or an autonomous version that may be field-upgraded to lightweight operation. A second-generation dual-band access point, the Cisco Aironet 1240AG Series supports IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE). The product comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware to provide for an installation that is both secure and rugged. The mounting bracket locks the access point as well as the Ethernet and console cables in place to prevent theft and tampering

The Cisco Aironet 1230AG Series delivers the versatility, high capacity, security, and enterprise-class features required in more challenging RF environments. It is designed for wireless LANs in rugged environments or installations that require specialized antennas, and features dual antenna connectors for extended range, coverage versatility, and more flexible installation options. The Cisco Aironet 1230AG Series combines antenna versatility with industry-leading transmit power, receive sensitivity, and delay spread for high multipath and indoor environments, providing reliable performance and throughput for the most demanding requirements.

 The Cisco Aironet 1200 Series Access Point is a single band lightweight or autonomous access point with dual diversity antenna connectors for challenging RF environments. It offers the same versatility, high capacity, security, and enterprise-class features demanded by industrial wireless LAN customers in a single-band 802.11g solution. The modular device provides the flexibility to field upgrade to a dual-band 802.11a/g network by adding a CardBus-based 802.11a upgrade module that can be easily installed into Cisco Aironet 1200 Series access points originally configured for 802.11g. The device is available in either a lightweight version, or as an autonomous version that may be field-upgraded to lightweight operation.


The Cisco® 2106 Wireless LAN Controller works in conjunction with Cisco lightweight access points and the Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) to provide systemwide wireless LAN functions.
As a component of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, the Cisco 2106 Wireless LAN Controller presents network administrators with the visibility and control necessary to effectively and securely manage business-class WLANs and mobility services, such as voice, guest access, and location services.

The Cisco 2106 Wireless LAN Controller (Figure 1) supports up to six lightweight access points, making it a cost-effective solution for multi-controller architectures typical of enterprise branch deployments. It may also be used for single controller deployments for small and medium-sized business environments. The Cisco 2106 Wireless LAN Controller provides eight Ethernet ports, two of which can provide power directly to Cisco lightweight access points.


The Cisco® 4400 Series Wireless LAN Controller provides systemwide wireless LAN functions for medium to large-sized facilities. By automating WLAN configuration and management functions, network managers have the control, security, redundancy, and reliability needed to cost-effectively scale and manage their wireless networks as easily as they scale and manage their traditional wired networks. The Cisco 4400 Series Wireless LAN Controller (Figure 1) works in conjunction with Cisco Aironet® lightweight access points, the Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS), and the Cisco Wireless Location Appliance to support business-critical wireless data, voice, and video applications. It provides real-time communication between lightweight access points and other wireless LAN controllers to deliver centralized security policies, wireless intrusion prevention system (IPS) capabilities, award-winning RF management, quality of service (QoS), and mobility.

The Cisco 4400 Series Wireless LAN Controller is available in two models. The Cisco 4402 Wireless LAN Controller with two 1 GB Ethernet ports comes in configurations that support 12, 25, and 50 access points. The Cisco 4404 Wireless LAN Controller with four 1 GB Ethernet ports supports 100 access points. The Cisco 4402 controller provides one expansion slot. The Cisco 4404 controller provides two expansion slots that can be used to add VPN termination today, as well as enhanced functionality in the future. In addition, each Cisco 4400 WLAN Controller supports an optional redundant power supply to ensure maximum availability.


 - formerly Symbol Technologies

Count on Motorola’s award-winning comprehensive line of wireless infrastructure for all your mobility needs.  Whether you have a single office or a worldwide network, Motorola’s family of award-winning wireless networking products will meet your needs. Motorola was the developer of the first wireless LAN. Our products are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of wireless networking, with the performance and reliability you need to keep your mobile employees connected and productive, the security you need to protect your data and devices; and the scalability to meet your network demands today — and tomorrow.

Our complete line of next-generation wireless switches and access ports as well as access points allows you to select the most cost-effective wireless LAN for your environment. Bridges and client adapters allow you to easily connect literally any device — from mobile handheld devices to bar code scanners, cash registers, and even large assembly line equipment. And our Power-Over-Ethernet products simplify and reduce the cost of installing access points and access ports by eliminating the need for power outlets, providing flexible and cost-efficient wireless network design.

Secure enterprise-class networking for branch offices, remote and outdoor locations, and small businesses — in a single device

The AP-5131 delivers convenient, flexible, scalable and cost-effective enterprise-level wired and wireless networking for a variety of business applications. Remote employees in branch offices, small businesses, and telecommuters working from home enjoy secure connectivity to the Internet, corporate private networks and more from desktops, laptops and other mobile devices. Enterprise users can take advantage of the AP-5131 Access Point's mesh features to extend corporate networks to difficult-to-cable areas — both indoors and outdoors.

Simple to deploy, this all-in-one solution offers 802.11a/b/g wireless networking flexibility, the latest wired and wireless security standards, and the speed required to support the most demanding applications — including voice and video. The AP-5131 has been engineered for rugged durability in nearly any environment, while being easy to manage either locally or remotely, making it the ideal total networking solution for both smaller and difficult-to-cable locations.  

AP-7131 Wireless Access Point

The AP-7131 802.11n Wireless Access Point delivers the throughput, coverage and resiliency required to build an all-wireless enterprise. The tri-radio design provides simultaneous support for high-speed wireless voice and data services, self-healing mesh networking and non-data applications such as Motorola’s Wireless IPS. The fully DFS-compliant 802.11n Draft 2.0 device offers speeds up to 600 Mbps per access point — six times the bandwidth of an 802.11a/g access point. And Adaptive AP provides unparalleled resiliency and flexibility, enabling the AP-7131 to be deployed as either a stand-alone wireless access point or adopted by a Motorola wireless switch for centralized configuration and management.

802.11n support with 3X3 MIMO
Delivers maximum wireless network throughput to support virtually any enterprise application, including voice and video

Tri-radio, dual-band design
Supports 802.11a/b/g/n access, mesh and Wireless IPS sensor functionality

Instant rogue detection
Gap-free, around-the-clock network protection through dedicated 24x7 sensing using triple methodology rogue AP detection: on-channel, mobile unit and dedicated radio dual-band scanning

Dual dedicated functionality in a single device
The ability to dedicate two radios to different functions enables this single device to support dedicated 24x7 Wireless IPS rogue detection as well as wireless voice and data traffic — increasing security without increasing costs

Adaptive AP: extending the enterprise
Enables centralized management of mesh access points at remote sites including automatic firmware upgrades; provides site survivability for remote locations with 802.11a/b/g/n networks for unparalleled resiliency

802.3af dual-radio support
Standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) provides power for both radios; intelligent power management enables self-configuration based on available power; eliminates the need to upgrade the PoE infrastructure

Integrated Router, DHCP server, Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall, AAAserver, NAT, and Hotspot Gateway with LAN and WAN Dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces eliminates need to purchase and manage additional equipment; simplifies provisioning of network services and public access

Mesh networking
Allows wireless extension of existing wired or wireless networks in remote or outdoor locations.

802.11i, WPA2 and WPA; IPSec encryption
End-to-end enterprise class wired and wireless security

Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM™), Quality of Service (QoS) and voice prioritization
Superior performance for demanding mission critical applications, including voice and video

WAN and LAN Ethernet Ports

Single device solution for both wired and wireless networking

Java™ web-based graphical user interface; SNMPv3; command line interface (CLI)
Flexible management options; easy-to-use “anytime, anywhere” management

Integrated VPN
Cost-effective secure site-to-site communications

DFS compliance
Increased throughput through greater channel availability in the 5 GHz bands


RFS6000 Wireless LAN Switch

The RFS6000 provides a single platform capable of delivering carrier-grade wireless voice and data inside and outside the enterprise for medium to large organizations with 2,000-20,000 users. Improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost of mobility with a powerful comprehensive feature set including Adaptive AP, which delivers unmatched performance, security, reliability and scalability to enable networks for business mobility at a low TCO. Built on Motorola’s Wireless Next Generation (Wi-NG) architecture, the RFS6000 supports Wi-Fi, RFID, seamless roaming, next-generation self-healing, 3G/4G wireless broadband backhaul, gap-free layered security, rich locationing services, 802.11n with Mesh, centralized management and more

Wi-NG architecture — delivering a unified voice, data and RF management platform
Improve business process flow with one platform for wireless voice, video, data and multiple RF technologies on one platform — such as RFID, Wi-Fi (including 802.11n) and future technologies such as Wi-MAX; rich enterprise-class functionality includes seamless roaming across L2/L3 deployments, resilient failover capabilities, comprehensive security, toll-quality voice and other value-added services, such as multi-RF locationing.

Role-based wired/wireless firewall
Comprehensively secures and protects the wired and wireless network against attacks and unauthorized access at Layer 2 and Layer 3 with Stateful Inspection; ability to create identity and location-based policies provides granular control of network access.

Adaptive AP — Extending the Enterprise
Enables centralized management of 802.11 a/b/g/n mesh access points at remote sites including automatic firmware upgrades; provides site survivability for remote locations with 802.11a/b/g/n networks for unparalleled resiliency.

SMART RF Management
Next generation self-healing: enables the WLAN to automatically and intelligently adapt to changes in the RF environment to eliminate unforeseen gaps in coverage.

Comprehensive layered security
Exceptional level of data and network protection without sacrificing fast roaming, including: WPA2-CCMP (with 802.11i fast roaming options); Stateful Firewall at Layer 2 and Layer 3 for the wired and wireless network with role based configurations; Geofencing, integrated RADIUS Server; IPSec VPN Gateway; Secure Guest Access Provisioning; and 24x7 dedicated security via Motorola’s Wireless IPS, providing the advanced technology required to detect any rogue network, including 802.11n.

Enhanced End-to-End Quality of Service (QoS)
Enhances voice and video capabilities; prioritizes network traffic to minimize latency and provide optimal quality of experience; SIP Call Admission Control and Wi-Fi Multimedia Extensions (WMM-Power Save) with Admission Control enhances multimedia application support and improves battery life and capacity; network optimization through granular bandwidth contracts based on bandwidth utilization network load and number of users for different applications being used, in different locations; TSPEC Admission Control ensures ample bandwidth and a superior user experience for VoIP calls.

Real Time Locationing System (RTLS)
Provides rich locationing services to enable real-time enterprise asset-tracking through support for 802.11, RFID and third party locationing solutions — including industry leaders AeroScout, Ekahau, and Newbury Networks. Standards-based support for: EPC Global ALE interface for processing and filtering data from all active and passive tags; and EPC Global LLRP interface for passive RFID tag support.

Clustering and failover features
Supports multiple levels of redundancy and failover capabilities to ensure high availability networks; multi-platform license sharing enables deployment of cost-effective networks.

True mobility
Virtual AP provides better control of broadcast traffic and enables multiple mobile and wireless applications with quality of service when network is congested; Pre-emptive Roaming ensures Motorola mobile devices roam before signal quality degrades; Power Save Protocol optimizes battery life.

802.11 a/b/g/n support
Yes; Supports 48 AP300 802.11 a/b/g for L2 or L3 Deployments per switch and 576 802.11a/b/g AP300s per cluster.
SupportsAP-5131 802.11 a/b/g and AP-7131 802.11 a/b/g/n Adaptive Access Points
Supports 2000- 20000 users.

Adaptive AP support
Yes; Supports 256 AP-5131 802.11 a/b/g or AP-7131 802.11 a/b/g/n Adaptive Access Points per Switch and 3072 per cluster. Multiple country configuration support for Adaptive AP

Role-based wired/wireless firewall (L2-L7) with stateful inspection
Protects against attacks between:
Wired to Wired
Wired to Wireless
Wireless to Wired
Wireless to Wireless
Supports 100,000 active firewall sessions per switch; 1,200,000 per cluster
Protection from IP Spoofing and ARP Cache Poisoning

Meet the needs of your smaller office with this market-leading integrated wireless and wired switch.

The WS2000 Wireless Switch is a market-leading powerful all-in-one solution that simplifies and reduces the costs of managing wired and wireless (802.11a/b/g) networks in enterprise branch offices. The integrated router, gateway, firewall, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and more eliminate the cost of purchasing and the complexity of managing multiple pieces of equipment. WS2000 v2.1 introduces more value added functionality including support for Wi-Fi Multimedia extensions (WMM) that enables the WS2000 to provide peak performance for even the most demanding voice and video applications and secondly, support for secure public wireless internet access (Hotspot). The ability to easily and cost-effectively scale to meet growing needs, as well as upgrade to support new security, radio and other standards provides the assurance that the WS2000 will meet your needs today and tomorrow. The WS2000 - enterprise-class networking functionality, priced for the small to medium-sized business or enterprise branch office.

Low-cost next-generation access point for powerful enterprise-level wireless LAN manageability and scalability

Motorola’s AP300 delivers rich 802.11a/b/g connectivity, working in conjunction Motorola’s wireless switches as the point of connection between your mobile devices and your wireless LAN. This thin next-generation access point is a low-cost device that is centrally and remotely managed through a Motorola wireless switch. Rapid configuration and the ability to quickly and easily upgrade the devices to support new functionality, features and security protocols substantially reduces the cost of deploying, implementing and managing your wireless LAN, while significantly increasing features, functionality and security of your wireless LAN infrastructure.   AP300’s can be used with the WS-2000 and WS5100 series of wireless switches.  These units are available with single or dual radios as well as integrated or external antennas.

Fully-loaded, fully-capable, and fully-standard, our Smart Wi-Fi products and patented technologies offer unmatched simplicity, ridiculous reliability, and killer coverage—at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

We'll keep you unplugged but well connected, whatever your requirements. Our customer premise equipment (CPE) for carriers delivers flicker-free IPTV and other multimedia services to millions of subscribers.

And our industrial-strength Smart Wireless LAN products for enterprise systems eliminate cost and complexity, while delivering unprecedented performance and reliability.

Indoor, outdoor, meshed, video, voice, data, 802.11n, 802.11a, 802.11g—take your pick. Everything you need is uniformly managed as a single, centralized Wireles LAN with ZoneDirector. Or you can manage thousands of standalone APs or ZoneFlex wireless LANs remotely with FlexMaster.

And our Smart Wi-Fi products support even the most rigid, latency-sensitive applications—offering carrier-level quality and ironclad security to enterprises and service providers everywhere.

Zone Director 1000 - The first complete wireless LAN (WLAN) developed specifically for the needs and budgets of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and hotzone operators, ZoneDirector 1000 gives them the same enterprise features as the ZoneDirector 3000. It's perfect for the next generation of business class hotzone services, such as voice over Wi-Fi, IP-based video, secure enterprise access, and tiered Wi-Fi services. Easily deployed, centrally managed, and automatically tuned, ZoneDirector 1000 is the high-performance, cost-effective solution for SMEs.

Smart/OS Software Suite and Application Engine

  • Advanced software capabilities
  • Elegant guest networking without the hassle
  • Users access policies provide rich WLAN control
  • Seamless integration with existing network infrastructure

Better Performance, Reduced Interference, and Extended Reach.

  • Utilizes BeamFlex™, a patented Wi-Fi beam-steering technology
  • Automatically ensures predictable performance for voice, video, and multimedia
  • Extends range to eliminate Wi-Fi deadspots
  • Minimizes erratic Wi-Fi behavior, enabling uninterrupted voice calls, through the use of Layer 3 tunneling and using key caching techniques when roaming with the Ruckus Mobility Module

Easy to Use, Install, and Manage.

  • Seamlessly interfaces with existing network, security, and authentication infrastructure
  • Is easily configured through point-and-click web-based wizard
  • Automatically discovers and configures ZoneFlex access points (APs), which become instantly manageable

High Capability. Low Price.

  • Bridges gap between deficient APs and cumbersome WLAN systems
  • Requires fewer APs to be deployed
  • Can be configured by non-IT staff

  Zone Director 3000 - Power Meets Simplicity in an Enterprise-Class Multimedia Wireless LAN Controller.  Now, any organization with a limited IT staff and budget can quickly and inexpensively create a highly-secure wireless LAN (WLAN)—with ZoneDirector 3000. Capable of centrally managing up to 250 ZoneFlex 802.11g and 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi access points (APs), ZoneDirector 3000 is designed for ease of use, high performance, and low cost of ownership.

Smart/OS Software Suite and Application Engine

  • Advanced software capabilities
  • Elegant guest networking without the hassle
  • Users access policies provide rich WLAN control
  • Multi-site authentication to scale large deployments
  • Seamless integration with existing network infrastructure

Groundbreaking Wireless Features

  • BeamFlex Wi-Fi beam-steering technology avoids interference and ensures peak performance for voice, video, and multimedia
  • Provides WLAN-wide network, security, RF, and location management, plus SmartMesh wireless meshing
  • Extended range eliminates Wi-Fi deadspots
  • Minimizes erratic Wi-Fi behavior, enabling uninterrupted voice calls, through the use of Layer 3 tunneling and using key caching techniques when roaming with the Ruckus Mobility Module

Easy to Deploy and Manage

  • Integrates with any existing network, security, and authentication infrastructure
  • Can be installed in minutes
  • Automatically discovers and configures ZoneFlex APs

Outstanding Price/Performance

  • Unmatched total cost of ownership
  • Provides features not found in costlier WLAN systems
  • Requires little IT time


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