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  • John Krawczyk

7 Reasons to Choose Real-Time Visibility and Connectivity

Dealing with disrupted workflows and improper asset management can be a stressful and antagonizing issue for your supply chain. In fact, 87% of CSCOs find it extremely difficult to predict and manage supply chain disruptions, and 84% say that lack of visibility is their biggest challenge. Without real-time connectivity and visibility, your business could face a severely higher risk of damaged products, unnecessary costs, unhappy coworkers, and unhappy customers. That’s why finding solutions to combat these problems is imperative to your company’s success. Here are some reasons why obtaining effective asset visibility and connectivity in your workforce improves productivity.

  • Tracks assets inside your company’s facilities so your employees spend less time looking for items and more time accomplishing tasks

  • Simplifies inventory work by diminishing the incidents when customers are promised an item that is no longer in stock

  • Empowers your workers with the ability to work on more impactful tasks and think critically

  • Establishes a unified system of communication, data, and collaboration throughout the workplace

Equip your business with the benefits of workforce connect and asset visibility when you choose Zebra’s Workforce Connect and RFID solutions to increase productivity in your business operation.

1. Reliable service - By choosing RFID technology from Zebra, you are provided with real-time visibility into asset movement, which allows you to locate assets more accurately and faster than other methods to keep your manufacturing process moving.

2. Streamline operations even in harsh environments - Zebra’s RFID systems can combat extreme temperatures, humidity, and abrasions.

3. Boost productivity - Zebra’s RFID automatically reads and writes data directly onto asset tags so your manufacturing processes are simpler and more flexible.

4. Elevate inventory management - You can gain information across your supply chain about what’s going on in your warehouse anytime, anywhere.

5. Diminished group disruptions - More connected groups via message of the day.

6. Simplified tasks – Zebra’s Workforce Connect easily tracks tasks and assignments in real-time through one user-friendly interface that can also send notifications via your mobile device.

7. Maximized customer service - When your workers are empowered and have unified communication across the workplace, customers get higher response times and increased satisfaction.

See Zebra’s complete RFID Portfolio here and discover the capabilities of a connected workforce with Zebra’s Workforce Connect here.

Equip your business with real-time visibility and streamline workforce communication when you choose Zebra’s solutions. Contact us to find the solution that will keep your business accurate and productive.


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