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  • John Krawczyk

Create a Secure and Enhanced Workforce with Zebra

It is now more important than ever to enhance the health and safety of your employees. Whether it was talking about safety protocols, social distancing, or when it would be safe to come back, worker safety has been a primary topic all through the pandemic. Also, even when things finally start going back to normal, the primary trend will still be the health and safety of your workers due to evolving regulations. Additionally, the manufacturing industry already averages over 400,000 non-fatal injuries per year, so it will be imperative that your business implements a solution that simplifies communication to create a productive and safe workplace. That’s why businesses are using smart equipment and simple communication technology like Zebra’s Workforce Connect.

Zebra’s Workforce Connect has been developed to connect your staff easily and safely wherever they are. Workforce Connect is a mobile computer software that gives your workers a stress-free work environment to redefine your company’s customer experience by integrating the following benefits:

  • Eliminates communication boundaries

  • Delivers messages consistently and securely

  • Increase mobile flexibility

  • Improves workflows

  • Empowers workers to get answers quickly

Enhance workflow visibility with Zebra’s Workforce Connect

Solve problems like slow visibility with Workforce Connect by streamlining communication with a system that:

  1. Provides real-time alert updates – When more than one person needs to be updated, Workforce Connect can easily group your intended recipients together to cut down on time wasted sending individual messages. Also, improve your security with real-time security alerts that combat data breaches or compromised devices from hindering communication channels.

  2. Signals for emergencies - With the touch of a button, workers can notify dispatch of an emergency on the back of Zebra’s devices to ensure safety.

  3. Minimizes hardware – Workforce Connect streamlines device performance so that workers can stay connected without bulky 2-way radios.

  4. Simplifies task management – Track assigned tasks through one user-friendly interface that can also send notifications via your mobile device. Easily track your entire team’s assignments in real-time.

See how Workforce Connect is revolutionizing the warehouse in the brochure.

Choose a communication system that ensures workplace safety, keeps workflows moving, and satisfies customers. Contact us today to find solutions that avoid hassles.


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