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  • John Krawczyk

How Asset Visibility Creates a Smoother Operation

Expanding operational visibility for crucial assets is a growing challenge faced by warehouses of all sizes. Gaining asset visibility can give you information on the identity, location, movement, and status of your assets like supplies, equipment, and personnel. When you know what’s going on with your products, your operation runs much smoother. Despite this fact, 79% of organizations acknowledge a gap in asset visibility, which leads to three times more incidents. These incidents include higher risk of damaging assets, security incidents, and lower inventory visibility. Here are some more detailed ways businesses benefit from asset visibility:

  • Tracking assets inside your company’s facilities can keep employees informed about where important tools are so they spend less time looking for items and more time accomplishing tasks.

  • Track your assets in transit so you can tell what’s happening in real-time. Ensure you know exactly when your assets will arrive and if they will be usable.

  • Simplify inventory work by making it less laborious. Inventory systems linked with asset visibility should function flawlessly, so your company minimizes incidents when customers are promised an item that is no longer in stock.

  • Monitor equipment and product status by gaining visibility into equipment that isn’t working, so products aren’t spoiled.

Equip your business with the benefits of asset visibility when you choose Zebra’s RFID solutions that increase accuracy and productivity in your business operation.

  1. Reliable service - By choosing RFID technology from Zebra, you are provided with real-time visibility into asset movement, which allows you to locate assets more accurately and faster than barcode scanning or manual methods to keep your manufacturing process moving.

  2. Streamline operations even in harsh environments - Zebra’s RFID systems can combat extreme temperatures, humidity, and abrasions.

  3. Boost productivity - Zebra’s RFID automatically reads and writes data directly onto asset tags so your manufacturing processes are simpler and more flexible.

  4. Elevate inventory management - You can gain information across your supply chain about what’s going on in your warehouse anytime, anywhere.

Explore Zebra’s complete RFID Portfolio here.

Empower your company with asset visibility when you choose Zebra’s RFID solutions. Contact us to find the solution that will keep your business accurate and productive.


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