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  • John Krawczyk

How real-time connectivity empowers delivery teams

Every day, frontline workers face a disconnected workplace with gaps in communication, information, and technology. These frontline workers are buried in tasks and burdened by inefficiencies from juggling multiple devices to managing disjointed workflows. If your business is not properly communicating, this can leave your teams disgruntled, worn out, and more likely to leave. In fact, when your company actually does communicate effectively, you are 50% more likely to report below average employee turnover levels. That’s why real-time communication is something that can be extremely beneficial to your business. See the difference effective communication brings to your workers.

Without effective communication ● Hindered worker ● Repetitive tasks ● Divided communication and information ● Tunnel vision, only focused on tasks ● Overwhelmed workers With effective communication ● Empowered decision-maker ● Impactful tasks and critical thinking ● Unified communication, data, and collaboration ● Broader view across the organization ● Empowered worker

Enhance workflow visibility with enhanced communication capabilities.

Without visibility, businesses see delivery delays and slow maintenance reporting. Equip your business with effective communication to streamline worker productivity with Zebra’s Workforce Connect. Empower your workers with powerful communication capabilities like

1. Secured your workplace with class text messaging and communications

2. Signals for emergencies - With the touch of a button, workers can notify dispatch of an emergency on the back of Zebra’s devices to ensure safety.

3. Diminished group disruptions with connected groups via message of the day

4. Simplified tasks – Easily track tasks and assignments in real-time through one user-friendly interface that can also send notifications via your mobile device.

5. Enhanced visibility - Monitor delivery status and driver location on a desktop

6. Maximized customer service - When your workers are empowered and have unified communication across the workplace, customers get higher response times and increased satisfaction.

See more empowered capabilities with Zebra’s Workforce Connect

Adapt to the changing world with communication solutions that enhance productivity in your warehouse. Contact us to find the solution that empowers your workers.


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