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  • John Krawczyk

How RFID Can Fix New Manufacturing Challenges in the Post-Pandemic Supply Chain

RFID was already becoming a necessary manufacturing process before COVID-19. Now, as a result of the pandemic, companies are adding additional RFID installations in their manufacturing industries to improve productivity and because of the increasing ROI that RFID provides. Unlike traditional technologies, RFID decreases expenses by consolidating as much as 40 barcodes into one tag. Moreover, the read speed is ten times higher than traditional methods. The growth of RFID and the accuracy it delivers can be seen in any business. In fact, the RFID market is around $10.7 billion this year, and it is expected to grow to $17.4 billion by 2026. RFID technology can already raise inventory accuracy up to 99.9%. Here are some issues in the manufacturing industry caused by the pandemic that RFID can help with:

● Adapting to a changed economic landscape for you and your customers

● How to increase productivity ● Tracking pallets for just-in-time delivery ● Establishing real-time tracking for work in progress

Empower your business with Zebra’s RFID plant floor, field operations, and warehouse solutions, capable of increasing accuracy and productivity in your manufacturing processes. This ultimately empowers manufacturing facilities to...

1. Deliver unmatched service and asset visibility - RFID technology provides real-time visibility into asset movement, which allows teams to accurately locate assets much faster than barcode scanning or manual methods to keep your manufacturing process moving at an efficient rate. Your business is also provided with the necessary tools to deliver superior service and equip your business with visibility to field your workers.

2. Combat harsh environments - RFID systems can withstand rough environmental conditions like extreme temperature, humidity, abrasion, and the presence of chemicals.

3. Enhance productivity - RFID automatically reads and writes data directly onto asset tags so your manufacturing processes are more flexible and simpler.

4. Optimize inventory management - You can gain information across your supply chain about what’s going on in your warehouse anytime, anywhere.

Explore Zebra’s complete RFID Portfolio here.

Adapt to the changing world with RFID solutions that enhance productivity in your warehouse. Contact us to find the solution that will keep you prepared for customer demands during and after the pandemic.


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