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Modern Matters: Are your Mobile Devices Built to Exceed Expectations?

It is no surprise that 2020 brought record-breaking booms in e-com and order fulfillment. Warehouses raced against the clock to meet customer demands, driving online sales up by as much as 44%. Despite the massive influx of online orders, customer expectations have not laxed. Top demands have either remained at an all-time high or increased as multiple brands have competed to differentiate their service in addition to their products. Current noteworthy expectations include:

  • 100% order accuracy

  • Personalized shipping experiences

  • 24/7 customer experience

  • Real-time order tracking

  • Fast order delivering

  • 100% stock availability

  • Free or affordable returns

To remain ahead of competition, fulfillment centers have turned to automation as a basic step to ensure order accuracy, stock availability, and supply chain visibility. However, not every device is future-ready when it comes to operating in the now-economy.

Person scanning inventory with MC3300 Zebra gun in a warehouse

“How do I know my mobile device is fit for the challenge?”

Modernizing supply chains for over twenty years, Trek Associates has evaluated several new technologies, which why we recommend assessing your mobility solution with the following questions:

1. Is it easy to deploy? – Labor turnover rates continue to pose a challenge to most supply chains as new employees often struggle to readily adopt enterprise-grade devices; however, familiar consumer-grade technologies are not durable and flexible enough to meet customer demands. Consequently, modern mobile devices should employ familiar systems such as rugged touchscreens and familiar operating systems like Android. By doing so, you can reduce onboarding time, allowing new employees to be productive from day one.

2. Will it replace manual labor? – Manual data entry often requires more attention and focus while also remaining as one of the most error-prone ways to capture data. Digitized data capture can eliminate errors and unnecessary labor while enabling real-time updates when consolidated with a mobile scanner.

3. Does it readily connect with my current system? – Basic order fulfillment workflows will require label printers, label scanners, and some form of screen or connection to the order being picked. The more devices are added the workflow, the harder it is for your workforce to move faster without errors. Novel mobile devices consolidate crucial tasks such as data capture, computing, and connectivity all through one platform for simplistic workflows and greater ergonomics.

4. What security parameters are in place? – Data breaches are a threat to companies big and small. Outdated operating systems like Windows Mobile can place operations at risk, which is why leading manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies have chosen Android OS to optimize their next-generation devices, providing security patches, automatic OS updates, and an open application ecosystem to house current and future apps.

5. Is it scalable? – New demands may require fast changes and updates to your workflow, yet rigid and intricate solutions may struggle to adapt to new growth, impacting order fulfillment speed and accuracy. On the flip side, newer devices with expanded memory, faster processing, and intelligent scanning can help your workflows adapt to new sudden demands while facilitating onboarding and accomplishing more tasks with less multi-step processes.

Devices failing to meet the standards outlined above may suggest it’s time for a hardware upgrade. To facilitate your modernization journey, Trek Associates partners with Zebra Technologies to deploy feature-forward mobile devices made to exceed expectations.

Person walking in warehouse holding QLN420 Zebra printer

From mobile computers to rugged tablets, integrate dependable accuracy, visibility, and connectivity when you upgrade outdated and inefficient technologies through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. Get cash rebates up to $650 per device in three easy steps:

1. Purchase your qualified upgrade

2. Submit a reclaim form with 90 days of the invoice date

3. Trade in legacy devices from any manufacturer

To see which mobile device best suits your operational goals, contact us today for a step-by-step assessment of your workflow.


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