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Modern Matters: 6 Steps to Boost your Outbound Performance

Complex outbound processes are a key issue in the warehousing industry and can be a problem for your business. In fact, according to a recent Zebra Technologies Vision Study, 49% of North American decision makers identified outbound packing, staging, and loading as a challenge. That’s why for your outbound operations, Trek Associates recommends replacing manual processes with real-time data to create a future-ready warehouse that enhances deliveries. Here are some weaknesses of utilizing manual outbound processes for your packing, staging, loading, and shipping:

Slow turnaround because manual order verifications can prolong turnaround times, which leads to significant shipping delays and carrier detention charges.

Unhappy customers because manually shipping labels, processing data, and paperwork can cause delays and errors.

Wasteful packing due to incomplete order information that quickly leads to incomplete, inaccurate, and wrongful packing.

Unreliability to complete late order changes because manual processes cannot accommodate last-minute order changes and emergency orders.

Consequently, processes such as RFID technologies and mobile data capture enables front-line workers with reliable item-tracking technologies to transform your operations into a future-ready warehouse. Trek Associates enhances outbound operations with Zebra’s solutions. Experience the benefits of real-time data for outbound operations with these 6 steps:

  1. Final Electronic Verification - Ensure your business with greater order accuracy and faster printing of labels or paperwork with final verifications on items.

  2. Real-time notification - Achieve simpler shipping processes by instantly notifying your packers if an item has arrived or is back-ordered. Pay the closest attention to detail.

  3. Dimensional data access - Easily access an item’s dimensional data with mobile computers so your business can control your packing material costs by selecting the right cartons, containers, or pallets.

  4. Scan items while loading - Your warehouse will decrease the rate of mis-ships when you can verify if the right carton is on the right truck. Create a precise warehouse.

  5. Real-time visibility of staged goods - Reduce driver downtime for fast and accurate loading. Boost your warehouses productivity by having access 24/7 to your goods.

  6. On-time and accurate orders - Maximize customer satisfaction, retain customers, and gain new ones when your warehouse performs the way it’s supposed to with real-time data and less manual errors.

Boost your outbound operations with Zebra’s RFID technologies and mobile data capture capabilities. Contact Trek Associates today for a free assessment on your current packing, staging, loading, and shipping solutions.


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