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  • John Krawczyk

How To Maintain Productivity in Challenging Environments

Working in extreme temperatures requires specialized devices that can deliver reliable performance even in cooler, chiller, or freezer environments. Your equipment must also be able to handle not only cold temperatures but, in many situations, constant movement between different temperature zones and changing levels of humidity. In fact, the annual global food industry loses $750 billion due to improper facilities and handling procedures in the cold chain. If your operation doesn’t have the right devices to keep your cold chain functioning, it will certainly lead to improper handling procedures and facilities. Without the right devices, you risk condensation and ice that can ruin sensitive electronics, slower operations due to diminished battery performance, frosted-up screens that make it difficult to read and use when your workers are wearing thick gloves. Mobile devices that are specifically designed for cold chain environments can...

Streamline cold storage handling - Eliminate the times when your workers won’t have to stop with a device that is fogged over or frozen in the middle of their shift. This makes operations and handling procedures smoother and keeps workers moving.

Increase accuracy and productivity - Quickly and accurately entering and retrieving data is part of the responsibility of cold chain workers. Carefully choosing the right device for this job means first identifying environmental conditions the device must withstand, then selecting the form factor that fits the workflow. This enables workers to be more free and productive during their shifts.

Promote safety and efficiency with visibility - Reducing waste and ensuring consumer safety is a top concern for your decision-makers in cold chain management. Implementing mobility solutions at the edge of your operations helps provide safe handling procedures to workers and prevent the loss of perishable goods.

Reinvent cold chain performance with high-quality mobility

Therefore, you need options for your cold and condensation-producing environments. Implementing dependable and high-performance mobile solutions like rugged mobile computers, tablets, and vehicle-mount computers can streamline your workflows. Trek Associates partners with Zebra Technologies to empower your operation with the richest cold chain mobility portfolio. Further your cold chain management by discovering modernization built to withstand freezing and extreme environments.

Withstand severe condensation that occurs in your operation when workers are constantly traveling between hot and cold areas. Devices such as Zebra’s MC9300 are designed with integrated heaters to stay condensation-free.

Combat extreme temperatures in your operation with tough features such as IP66 sealing, true frost, and condensation-free operation with connectors and battery heaters.

Enhance your productivity with IP65 sealing rates, revolutionary and award-winning ergonomic designs, smart temperature sensors that automatically control heater and heating speed, and more

See more about how mobile solutions designed for challenging cold conditions help keep operations smooth and efficient.

Choose Trek Associates and Zebra Technologies for mobility solutions that are designed for optimal performance in your cold chain. Contact us today to discover devices that stay efficient in challenging environments.


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