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  • John Krawczyk

6 Technologies Cold Chains Should Be Utilizing

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Ensuring that your products always arrive in ideal condition for consumption is a tough challenge for your cold chain. Overcoming this challenge consistently can improve cold chain reputations to establish your operation as a reliable and efficient solution that customers can turn to. However, one-third of the world’s food is lost to spoilage every year due to insufficient temperature tracking techniques in cold chains. This costs the global supply chain more than $35 billion a year.

Insufficient temperature tracking techniques in supply chains stem from businesses lacking proper technology. Without proper technology, supply chains suffer from ruined electronics and slower operations. This happens because supply chains lack the technologies and features needed to deliver superior performance. When your business isn’t delivering quality performance, that can lead to diminished visibility on your products, which causes food spoilage in cold chains.

Discover technologies that efficiently track temperatures

Implementing the right technologies into your supply chain makes monitoring and maintaining your items easier for smoother workflows, uninterrupted productivity, and reliable performance. Trek Associates partners with Zebra Technologies to empower your operation with the richest cold chain mobility portfolio. Discover 5 important Further your cold chain management by discovering 5 important technologies to boost

  1. RFID Locationing Solutions are a primary method for item tracking and tracing as they are transported in, out, and through your facilities. RFID locationing supplies your cold chain with real-time visibility of your products. Access important information like the temperature and location of your assets anytime, anywhere.

  2. Fixed Industrial Scanners track the status of items as they move through an assembly line or warehouse conveyor belt during production and packing. The best scanners come with top-notch automated barcode scanning capabilities that can quickly read 1D and 2D barcodes so workflows aren’t interrupted and productivity stays smooth.

  3. Machine Vision Solutions automatically identify your workers of product labeling defects and validate quality as items move down the production or inspection line. This ensures the highest quality of inspections so even smaller details aren’t missed.

  4. Printers generate the specialized RFID tags or barcoded labels needed to track and trace items. The right tags and labels are matched with your printers and are rugged enough to withstand challenging environments and the shipping process.

  5. Mobile computers provide your workers with detailed instructions about the best next step to take in every workflow. Mobile devices help cold chain workers quickly and accurately enter and retrieve data. This ensures higher efficiency in your cold chain logistics so the time and temperature of your goods aren’t risked.

  6. Handheld barcode scanners verify which items have been put away, picked, and packed to streamline inventory counts and stock management.

See more about the right technologies specifically designed to improve food safety and streamline visibility in cold chains.

The right technologies can keep your food safe with efficient monitoring and tracking. Choose Trek Associates and Zebra Technologies for hardware solutions that redefine your cold chain. Contact us today to discover reliable solutions.


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