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Modern Matters: 5 Reasons to Optimize Staff Communication

Even before the global pandemic, effectively maintaining open communication channels has been a struggle since supply chains have become ever more dynamic and intricate. From the production floor to the storefront’s checkout lane, effective communication empowers your staff to provide the best customer experience possible while boosting employee engagement. Without open communication channels, your operations run the risk of encountering:

1. Lack of operational visibility – When connectivity doesn’t extend beyond the four walls, your field teams may be cut off from receiving real-time visibility into inventory counts preformed in the warehouse and in the storefront.

2. Delayed operations – Cross-docking and task interleaving have become key staples in providing accelerated order fulfillment, yet without proper support for mobile voice and data access, modernized efforts such as these become nearly impossible.

3. Bumpy workflows – With so many consumer-grade options available nowadays, creating a standardized communication system in a bring-your-own-deice (BYOD) scenario is a hassle as teams must work around different systems to access crucial data.

4. Stalled reaction times to change – When updates aren’t received in real-time, teams can’t react in a timely and intelligently way to change. This means issues requiring immediate attention may slip by unnoticed, generating larger problems in the future.

5. Higher employee turnover – Without proper team support, overwhelmed employees are more likely to leave as employee satisfaction rates drop. Needless to say, this directly impacts productivity as remaining workers will only feel more overwhelmed than before.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, then it is certainly time to optimize your communication system. While communication services can increase operational costs with additional service and telecom expenses, Trek Associates keeps things simple with Zebra’s connectivity solutions. Built for both indoor and outdoor efficiency, modernized connectivity solutions can:

  • Strengthen employee engagement as all team members can turn to one platform for vital data and support. Zebra’s Workforce Connect exemplifies this by providing one user-friendly push-to-talk interface deployed onto your handheld devices.

  • Amplify data accessibility by digitizing data storage onto your mobile devices for easy sharing and reporting.

  • Shave off travel times spent when walking over to a phone station. If workers are equipped with mobile communication devices embedded into their handheld computers, they no longer need to pause their workflows to answer calls away from their tasks.

Transform your operations with future-forward communication solutions that unify the workforce for greater and sustainable productivity. Contact Trek Associates today for a comprehensive evaluation of your current communication systems to see how you can harness the power of teamwork in your supply chain.

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