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Modern Matters: 5 Steps to Simplify your Order-Picking Process

Inefficient order picking is still a major issue for many warehouses. According to a recent Zebra Technologies warehouse study, 77% of respondents agree technology is the best way to introduce automation in the warehouse and 61% have plans to increase automated processes by 2024. A prospering warehouse is likely to be using enhanced mobile computers to improve order processes. Here are some signs yours isn’t:

  • Inefficient product locating. Manual pick-and-fill methods mean workers must spend 70% of their time walking to find the right product. This reduces productivity and wastes time.

  • Manual order processing methods which means workers must process orders one at a time. This is costly and results in ineffective and inaccurate inventories.

  • Unknown picking errors as a result of products that cannot be automatically verified when picked. In addition to unknown errors, this also causes inaccurate staging, packing, and shipping. This makes customers dissatisfied and more likely to take their business elsewhere.

  • Inefficient labor utilization because of more orders, which leads to higher labor expenses, which reduces thin margins.

Therefore, it is mandatory to enhance mobility and real-time order and inventory data to strengthen your company. Trek Associates enhances the order-picking process with Zebra’s mobility and inventory data solutions. By following these 5 steps, modern warehouses can reduce the effects of ineffective order picking to improve customer retention:

  1. Reduce cost expenditures on orders by increasing the number of orders processed. Automated solutions such as Zebra’s mobile computers and rugged tablets eliminate manual processing while increasing throughput.

  2. Receive instant verification that the right item for the right order has been picked. When barcodes are scanned, inventory data is readily updated through a shareable platform.

  3. Eliminate time lost with immediate access to on-hand inventory quantity and the ability to easily find the exact location of items. You also receive automatic pick listing to see the fastest route to each item.

  4. Improve pick schemes for greater visibility into crucial operations like pick-to-tote, pick-to-light, and carousels so you always have a variety of options.

  5. Eliminate out-of-stocks by setting a stock threshold on the mobile device. The device will then alert you when inventory dips to that point, so you have time to replenish products, instantly noting when an item is picked.

Enhance the order-picking process with mobility and data solutions. Contact Trek Associates today for a free assessment on your current order-picking solution.

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