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Modern Matters: 8 Steps to Enhance Your Inbound Handling Operations

Issues in receiving and sortation can often quickly evolve into bigger problems in your warehouse. That’s why Trek Associates recommends preventing inaccuracies with modernized barcode scanning and RFID to enhance your inbound processes. According to a recent Zebra Technologies Vision Study, warehouse executives plan to increase barcode scanning and RFID by 67% in the next year. Here are some ramifications of using outdated receiving and sorting technology:

  • Manual inefficiency when using paper-based systems that ends up costing your business valuable time, diminishing your order accuracy, limiting productivity, and shrinking ROI.

  • Impaired visibility from the slow and inaccurate manual receiving that cannot manage your inventory sufficiently. These slow manual methods can have a negative impact on your cross-docking, task interleaving, traceability and tracking processes. Additionally, poor inventory visibility also leads to clogged aisles, false out-of-stocks, slow dock-to-stocks, and equipment misuse.

  • Unavailable inventory which can lead to lost sales and dissatisfied customers because of product misplacement

  • Angry returns due to inefficient reverse logistics processes. This results in a horrible cycle where there is slow product return to your inventory, which causes delayed customer credit processing and then ultimately a drastic decrease in your customer’s satisfaction

Consequently, RFID and barcode scanning solutions have become one of the best viable optimization solutions to mitigate these risks. Trek Associates enhances inbound operations with Zebra’s receiving and sortation solutions. Reap the benefits of receiving dock mobility and real-time WMS access by following these 8 steps:

  1. Increase inbound shipment accuracy by processing more shipments productively and efficiently.

  2. Instantly identify incoming shipments with automatic emitted data reading from RFID tags or barcode scans of shipping labels.

  3. Quickly update and validate returns to create a successful cycle of fast returns, automatic customer credit delivery and boosted customer satisfaction.

  4. Spot shipment errors by electronically receiving goods and referencing system purchase orders.

  5. Timely inventory visibility to enhance put-away of low-stock or out-of-stock items.

  6. Verify location matches WMS with a barcode scan of item and shelf tag

  7. Access WMS easily for the exact location of all inventory. Make sure that cartons and pallets have been accounted for and put away together.

  8. Ensure proper stock rotation for FIFO or LIFO inventory management to reduce wasted time and money.

Redefine operational efficiency your way with RFID and barcode scanning. Contact Trek Associates today for a free assessment on your current receiving and sortation solutions.


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